Research Areas & Projects

Deep OTT Services
Harness the deep learning revolution to build novel services and cognitive apps on resource-constrained devices such as OTT boxes and IoT devices. Transparently monitor user interactions with OTT services to analyze interests and to enhance and personalize the user experience.




VFX Production Analytics
Transform large-scale workflow and asset data collected during VFX production into business insights by creating predictive analytics which accurately forecast artist and computing resources, improve VFX production performance and optimize digital asset lifecycle.




DNA Storage Exploratory project
This exploratory project addresses digital archiving – the encoding of movies into artificial, “non-biological” DNA.  DNA is unimaginably small—up to 90,000 molecules can fit into the width of one human hair—so a large digital library is totally invisible to the human eye. All you can see is the water in the tube. “This, we believe, is what the future of movie archiving will look like,” Bolot said.  Read more here:

Light Fingerprinting