Research Areas & Projects

Deep OTT Services
Harness the deep learning revolution to build novel services and cognitive apps on resource-constrained devices such as OTT boxes and IoT devices. Transparently monitor user interactions with OTT services to analyze interests and to enhance and personalize the user experience.




VFX Production Analytics
Transform large-scale workflow and asset data collected during VFX production into business insights by creating predictive analytics which accurately forecast artist and computing resources, improve VFX production performance and optimize digital asset lifecycle.




DNA Storage Exploratory project
This project uses an innovative approach to reliably store/archive media content in the base sequence of DNA – and retrieve without error. Converting movies into man-made DNA brings huge advantages, said Jean Bolot, who points out that the archives of every Hollywood studio, currently taking up square kilometers of floor space, could fit into a Lego brick or a testtube vial. Technicolor digitized the movie “A Trip To The Moon” into DNA strands stored in liquid.

 One vial can contain a million copies of the 1902 French silent film, one of the earliest movies to use special effects.
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Light Fingerprinting